Super Scholar Academy(SSA)

Super Scholar Academy’s after school tutoring program is the best choice for parents who work and desire additional enrichments for their young scholars. Here, students will complete their daily assignments under the assistance of our excellent teaching staff.

To provide substantial help to our students as well as to improve our students’ grades and performance, we offer extra English and math classes for Preschool students to 8th grade; Small group studying for 9th grade -12th grade’s students; AP courses designed to prepare students for their dream college.

Additionally, to nurture and develop the students’ language abilities, Super Scholar Academy provides excellent Chinese and Spanish courses. Including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, our all-encompassing program will build and improve the students’ language skills and broaden their horizons.

Moreover, we not only give students a responsible, safe, friendly, caring environment and learning program, we pay more attention to children's development and mental health. We have an activity room built specifically for our students, where they can let their imaginations run wild with our art, music, social studies and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) programs. In order to help teachers, students and parents build strong relationships and mental health, we also have partnerships with organizations to offer mental health resources soon.

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Super Scholar Academy(SSA)


To build a bridge of communication around the world through education.

To help more students reach their dreams

We believe in focusing on a blueprint and that each and every student can become talented when given the opportunity to play to their strengths. We want to help students build a consistent foundation for their lifelong learning. We know that each individual has their own strengths and therefore, we must respect each student and provide a responsible, safe, friendly, caring environment that gives each student the opportunity to shine and cultivate their strengths so they can do their best in the future.

1. Tutoring with individualized progress tracking

2. Improvement of All Subjects over a short period of time

3. Enhancement of Students' Communication and Expression Skills

4. The Attention to Child Development and Mental Health

5. High Quality teaching and Leadership Team

6. All-around Education

1.Homework Tutoring

2.Enhancement English and Math Courses

3.Ap Courses

4.Foreign Language Courses

5.Art and Music Classes

6.STEM Program

7.Child Mental Health Classes